Maximize your media investments

Empowering precise data-driven marketing via a unified data orchestration platform

Run targeted and personalized campaigns

To run an effective branding campaign, you need an understanding of whom your best customers and prospects are, what content they interact with, and how best to reach them effectively.

You also need it all to be easily accessible from one platform.

The Expandi Match DMP is a data orchestration platform that collects, organizes, and activates audience data coming from any source, including online, offline, mobile, and beyond. Thank to a data management platform your awareness and branding campaigns are optimized by identifying and enriching your understanding of your ideal prospects.

Effective branding campaign

Gain unique insights into your customers and prospects

In our DMP platform, all collected data is transferred through API to the Programmatic Advertising platform you’re either using directly or through your agency.

Moreover, using our IP address identification technology, along with data segmentation criteria, you can target only the accounts that matter to you, rather than wasting spending on uninterested companies.

Gain unique insights into your customers and prospects

Unique Value

Integrated with our IP targeting technology and our unique Analytics and Intent data, our DMP platform can deliver the right content to the right people in the right accounts at the right moment maximising your media investment


Sophisticated IP targeting technology

The Expandi Match DMP utilizes sophisticated company IP Address tracking rather than soon expiring cookies like most other platforms. Integration with User and Device IDs information for deeper targeting.


Data depth

Ensure you’re utilizing only the most recent data, all regularly updated using multiple sources including installed-base Brand and Financial data, plus fully integrated Martech tools monitoring and scoring all digital signals.


GDPR and e-privacy compliant

Unlike inefficient and imprecise cookies, IP targeting ensures your outbound targeting of high-value companies is fully GDPR compliant.

Use cases

Expandi Match mixes intent data at the account level (top down) with individual level (bottom up) intent data, creating the only database which integrates firmographics with IP addresses as well as intent, brand, and financial data.

Reach your Total Addressable Market with 100% accuracy

Reach your Total Addressable Market with 100% accuracy

Weight your media investments

Weigh your media investments based on the most valuable clients (ie ABM)

Weight your media investments based on intent signals

Weigh your media investments based on intent signals

Personalize Content and Advertisements

Personalize Content and Advertisements

Identify Accounts interested

Identify Accounts interested in your offering for later nurturing

Automate and streamline your data-driven decision making. You can manage the platform directly or outsource the entire data management and advertising process to Expandi.

Target and engage your best-fit B2B companies