Why Expandi Match?

Boost your revenue with real-time, accurate and fully GDPR compliant data and insights.

Power up your team with smarter data today

By leveraging the largest EMEA, GDPR-compliant B2B lead database covering SMEs, midmarket, and enterprise accounts, you can target your ideal customers while improving lead quality.

All company, people, and event data is verified and updated in real-time, ensuring accurate access to dial phone numbers and email addresses.

More relevant data, better insights, and faster reactions delivers better results all round.

Power up your team with smarter data today

9 reasons why Expandi Analytics is unique

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Providing a wider, more informed view on prospects’ readiness to buy, Expandi differs from a typical Intent Data Provider by collecting and analyzing data and signals from all media channels (more than 2 million web sites), providing the only database presently covering 100% of SMB, Midmarket and Enterprise accounts (matched with local Chambers of Commerce records).

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Delivering a deeper outlook on account and Decision Makers readiness to buy, Expandi mixes intent data at the account level (top down) with individual level (bottom up) intent data, creating the only database which integrates firmographics with IP addresses as well as intent, brand, and financial data.



The only way to collect signals across the entire funnel (top-medium-bottom) is via Expandi’s omni-channel approach, taking in emailing, phone interactions, on-line events, and social or paid media etc, rather than solely tracking paid-media channels like your typical Intent Data Provider.



Our database integrates firmographics, technographics, financial data, intent data and digital presence (IP addresses, web site, LinkedIn profile, etc.) allowing a holistic approach on each account.


Timing & Time To Market

To ensure you accurately identify purchase decisions, Expandi delivers the only database enabling an immediate action once an Account is detected as ready for engagement, via a large data base of decision makers’ contact details, including direct phone numbers, emails, and LinkedIn profiles (as well as IP addresses related to Decision Making Units if targeted advertising is considered relevant).



Empowering precise targeting, Expandi can share with you the only database accurately identifying and detailing Decision Making Units not only based on firmographics (ie parent companies or headquarters) but also taking into account their actual participation in the purchase decision.


Pricing Model

Intent data providers predominantly work via a subscription that has no correlation to the volume of data they grant access to. Expandi offers you flexible and outcome-based pricing: you can either request one-off data sets or subscribe to our “as a service” platform. In both cases, you pay “as you go” correlated to the intent data provided that’s fully “on target”, based on your briefing.


Access Costs

We make our unique data and insights available to any of our clients, regardless of their size and budget. So now not only big IT brands but also business partners and MSPs can benefit from our insights starting from 5,000€, which is much lower than other intent data providers.


Results Driven

The validating of potential purchasers’ "readiness" is based on actual correlation between "signals", "actions" and “results” that only Expandi can track via our ABM Platform and campaign executions for our clients. In contrast, Intent Data Providers typically either use predictive models on a theoretical basis (ie not validated by actual results), or don’t even use them at all.


Power up your revenue team with smarter data today